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Is it any suprise we are cynical?

on March 12, 2013

Okay, so this might not be totally linked to the digital, but there are connections and i might make some stretched attempts if I feel it necessary.

During my lunch break I was on the Guardian website (shows you were my bias might be) and found this article: http://www.guardian.co.uk/society/2013/mar/11/generation-self-what-young-care-about

Now as part of ‘Generation self’ I have a few things to say, so get prepared for a rant and if not well that’s the beauty of the internet, just close the tab containing this post!

And there you go, part of the problem. All the tab closers found something they weren’t interested in and so they just ignored it. Anyone who agrees with the point made in the post can tweet or re-tweet it (and should someone oppose your point of view raise an army of tweeps to shout them down’

But I’m not about blaming the internet, I love it! It allows us to build communities, not traditional geographically bound communities, but interest based communities.  However, it means that no longer need one engage with an opposing view, unless you feel like a shouting match on a social platform! Communicating with like-minded people is great, especially when traditional physical communities might have been built on industries that have been shifted or fragmented across the country. One of  my friends does a podcast called Unanswered, that in its most recent episode discussed the dismantling and displacement of communities for commercial gain. All of this adds up to a break down of traditional communities, but that doesn’t mean ‘young people’ don’t seek communities in the ways most natural to them.

Of course this isn’t just a case of technical facilitation. Attitudes, often beaten into my generation through the media (now available to you at all times in all location) contribute as well.  These attitudes might be a constant bemoaning of ‘students’ who are obviously just ‘dossing’ and don’t know what a hard days work is, because they are studying media. I would quite frankly like to see some of these bemoaners (usually not from the media industries themselves) take on the challenges, attitudes and pressures of a media job. Not to say they didn’t work hard, but just because you don’t understand an industry does not mean you can criticise it. Of course every industry has its own challenges, and it depends on your perspective. (Plus lets not forget, the whole point of the media is to make products look effortlessly produced. It’s not very relaxing if you know about the stressful 16 hour days that went into producing the game show (other programme types are available). But I digress.

The point is ‘people’ or ‘old people’, whatever the term is for ‘not young people’ is, have spent years moaning about young peoples’ laziness, naivety, tendency to congregate in groups, enjoyment of life and basically all the things that they have had beaten out of them by their parents. And so with this negativity constantly thrown at us, and the reality of a harder working and living environment also shoved in our faces on a daily basis, young people have given in.  We accept it is unrealistic to be idealistic about changing a local initiative, what power do we have? But this is not representative of despondence, it is representative of a change in focus. No, maybe our parents and the years that have destroyed their once idealistic views are right, we can’t change anything locally. But, with the power of the internet, we can become part of a global voice. We can join people from around the world via Avaaz, Facebook Causes or Greenpeace online to tweet corporations into at least making a statement on the issue. We can force people into being unable to ignore our constant digital and traditional barrage of messages.

So don’t think young people are selfish, yes we may have succumbed to the cynicism older generations try to thrust on us (and I think they might have been hoping we would resist and fight back) but we are community based in our own, new way. When the people around you seem to reject you, the internet always has friendly like-minded people to reassure you that you’re right. And at the end of the day all we, as humans want, is to be accepted into a group and vindicated in our behaviours and opinions!

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