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Tampons for men.

on November 21, 2013

Tesco recently announced that they would be rolling out new advertising screens at the tills in their petrol stations. These new screens will include cameras with facial recognition technology to target adverts. Tesco claim these adverts will be targets on the base of gender and age, although I do have to question how you can target an add in such way without risking being insensitive. What if you target advert for baby care products to a woman in her early thirties (a common age for mothers of young babies) who is infertile? The firm has also admitted that it can make mistakes in identifying someones gender, so for example if a man has long hair he could be identified by the software as female. Might this lead to tampon adverts being targeted at male surfers and bikers?

Although Tesco insists none of the information gained by the new screens will be stored, it is hard to imagine that they wouldn’t use the data to tailor products sold in store. I also can see a future when they combine this information with tracking of your Club card. This would enable the supermarket conglomerate, and anyone else they share the information with to know all of your buying patterns and movements. Admittedly a lot of this information already exists, and it might be a bit late to get up in arms about it. Therefore I find myself asking the question, is the addition of facial recognition software a step too far or an inevitable progress?

Read the original BBC News article for more background information.


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