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Potential scenarios for MUGSE

on March 28, 2014

Monday will see the first rough meeting of MUGSE,  a new Mahara User Group. During this meeting there are many things to be discussed, one of which is the scope of the group both in terms of topics and geographical locations covered.

In my eyes the first decision is what does the ‘SE’ of MUGSE stand for? Is it Southern England or South East? If it is the latter then I think the name should be abbreviated to MUGSEE, meaning Mahara User Group for South East England – to avoid any confusion with potential future groups.

Once we have decided the areas to be included in the group (although whatever geographical lines are drawn I’m sure those outside would be welcome any time), we would need to discuss the format and location of meetings. To that end I have come up with some possible scenarios and presented them as Prezis. Please bare in mind these are just a rough idea. The boundary lines could be re-drawn and the schedule is open for discussion. I just thought this might be a way to start the conversation.

Potential scenario for MUGSE – Mahara User Group Southern England

Potential scenario for MUGSEE – Mahara User Group South East England

4 responses to “Potential scenarios for MUGSE

  1. solentroger says:

    I’ve drafted an outline agenda here with space to discuss the scope of future meetings.
    Would you be up for leading that discussion?
    All is flexible so can make more time if required

    11:00 Coffee and Registration
    11:15 Round the room
    Introduction, Contribution or Discussion Topics/Questions to raise
    11:30 Don Christie – News from Catalyst
    12:00 Contributions/Questions/Discussion pt1
    12:30 Lunch
    13:00 Contributions/Questions/Discussion pt2
    14:00 Sam Taylor
    14:30 Mahara UK conference
    14:45 Next meeting / Format / Location / Timing
    15:00 Close

    • That sounds like a good agenda. I like that we will get down to business first and talk about the format at the end.

      I would be happy to lead on that session. 🙂

      • solentroger says:

        Cool thanks. Thought it would be good to have some sort of framework then we can see if that works and change if required.

        Sam said to meet you at the station so see you there!
        (Have done a big nag about lunch, so hope it will be edible)

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