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Sharing my passion for technology and learning.


I have an undergraduate degree in journalism, for which I gained a 2:1 and a postgraduate masters in Media, for which I achieved a merit. Both of these qualifications have given me experience in the use of computing and multimedia. For my undergraduate I was required to produce multimedia content, and both courses required me to study both the positive and negative implications of multimedia. I have held two e-learning posts, both working with Moodle VLEs. The first was at Southampton Solent University and the second at University College London. Both positions have been support officer roles, which as well as supporting Moodle, also involved supporting MyPortfolio and Turnitin. Alongside these core systems I have also supported Second Life, Camtasia, iSpring Presenter and am currently learning Lecturecast and Opinio. I am a very fast learner and can easily pick up any new technology. The support of these technologies has even lead to me presenting to others in the eLearning community about software such as Mahara, of which I have in depth knowledge.

Some of the external presentations I have done include; the HE progression: 2012 and Beyond conference on the topic of the use of social media in blended learning, presentations and workshops for the British Computer Society on social media (including LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter), a presentation on Mahara e-portfolios for the JISC RSC SE conference that was streamed live between three UK universities (Southampton Solent University, Plymouth University and Birmingham City University) and a presentation at MoodleMoot 2012 on Mahara e-portfolio system. I have written up the MoodleMoot presentation as a journal article which has been submitted for the upcoming MoodleMoot journal.

You can follow me on Twitter via @Lilly_Stardust

To find out more about my Social Media presence check out my About Me page.

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